FREN, Free Energy Network presents its ICO to change the World

Planet Earth is sick. Natural disasters are increasing in number and intensity. And everything seems to indicate that it is caused by the same factor: the human being. We are the disease affecting the planet,

Planet Earth is sick. Natural disasters are increasing in number and intensity. And everything seems to indicate that it is caused by the same factor: the human being. We are the disease affecting the planet, and it could even be said that the catastrophes we are suffering are, in a way, this planet’s method of defence against its disease: us.

We pollute, we alter ecosystems by cutting down trees, we extinguish species and we burn fossil fuels to generate energy. But all is not lost, there are also people who care for ecosystems, plant new trees, clean water and save energy. And it is on this pillar, on energy, that the FREN Association (Fren: Free Energy Network) acts.

What is the FREN association?

There are certain resources in nature that are indispensable for life and that can be considered universal, an independent heritage of possession and an accessible right of every human being. Examples of these resources are air and water. No one can limit access to these resources to other human beings. In the FREN association, following the postulates enunciated more than a century ago by Nikola Tesla, they believe that electrical energy should also be a universal resource to which all human beings have the right, and that no one should own it or enrich themselves with it (Nikola Tesla was an engineer specialised in electricity and electromagnetism who developed several inventions in this field, some of them very remarkable, and aimed at universalising the right of access to electrical energy).

The founding manifesto of the principles defended by this association can be read at:

It seems incredible that all fields of technology have evolved to unimaginable points, yet the field of energy seems suspiciously frozen for decades and decades… This is because patents are blocked and inventions are hidden by vested economic interests.

Just as Bitcoin and some cryptocurrencies have succeeded in democratising and “freeing governments” access to and management of the monetary system, FREN aims to develop a system that democratises access to free electricity and frees it from intentional manipulation by governments and corporations.

How will FREN achieve its ambitious goal?

FREN aims to develop a network of devices that provide free energy to their owners, which can be connected to mining devices. And this network will be interconnected and managed thanks to blockchain technology. In this way supporting the creation and maintenance of free and gratuitous energy for the members of the association. This whole system will be managed by interconnecting devices through the Ethereum blockchain, where they will be represented by the FREN token.

But we have not yet talked about the key element of the system: the APGs.

What are APGs?

A.P.G. stands for “Alternative Power Generator”. And this is the key to the proposal, that each member of this global association has access to a fully independent alternative power generation device. In this way, a decentralised global network will be built, managed on a decentralised blockchain.

To achieve this, the FREN association has developed an alliance with strategic partner InfinitySav to provide it with the necessary devices to produce the energy. InfinitySav is a Korean company specialising in power generation from magnetism and electromagnetic induction.

Thanks to the partnership between FREN and its partner InfinitySav, FREN members around the world will be able to purchase these APG devices, which are environmentally friendly, non-polluting and sustainable.

The FREN token

We have already mentioned that the system is decentralised and is managed via the Ethereum network. This is why a native token is necessary to operate.

Owners of FREN tokens will be able to participate in the FREN network from anywhere in the world and will receive all the guarantees of secure, anonymous and decentralised operation that the Ethereum network offers.

The FREN association aims to change the world (with the help of the token owners) through:

– The possibility of accessing the decentralised energy system, which we have already discussed.

– The possibility to participate in the democratic voting system that will determine the future steps of the association.

– The possibility to participate in a universal, decentralised and uncensored training system.

– The possibility to participate in the decentralised economic ecosystem built around the token: staking, loans, swaps and DeFi.

Here the technical info of the token

– Name: FREN Free Energy Token

– Symbol: FREN

– Technology: ERC-20 token

– Total amount: 1,000,000,000,000 tokens

– Partitioning: up to 8 decimals.

The FREN token ICO

After its foundation and the establishment of important partnerships, the association is now in a period of strong expansion. The expansion plans include the distribution of the FREN token in the following proportions:

– 50 % sale via ICO

– 20 % for team members (locked in until 2025)

– 15 % for Business Angels. Already reserved by a business angel, who will hold this 15% and who will maintain their investment until at least 2025.

– 10 % for marketing investment.

– 5 % for bounty campaigns: Facebook and social networks, Telegram etc.

All tokens that are not sold in the ICO phase will be distributed via airdrop to all those who already own FREN tokens.

They are currently in the ICO phase, so you can invest in the FREN token right now, through:

Like many other projects of this style, it is an ICO open to everyone, except for US and UK residents. 

The current price of each token in the ICO is 1 FREN = 0.01 USD. This will give you access to all the specified benefits and you will be entitled to receive the extra tokens when the ICO period ends.

The money raised will go towards (among other things), the development of the platform, the maintenance costs of the association, the legal costs required to ensure that everything is done in such a way that corporations cannot attack the project, and the development and implementation of the symbiosis with the APG device.

The ICO Launch Date will be announced soon.


Aim for the stars, and if you miss, you’ve reached the moon. Of course, this is a hopeful and exciting project. It is worth supporting from a selfish point of view, to gain great advantages, and from an altruistic point of view, to build a better world.

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